My NK87 is not being detected

There were a small percentage of the Batch 1 NK87s that had the stabilizer screws overtightened from the factory. Loosening these screws will typically resolve any connectivity issues, as well as columns binding to a single key, and a few other issues. Try removing the stabilizer screws, and installing a non-conductive washer to mitigate these issues.

You can also flash the PCB to help clear out any issues, using the NK87 firmware found here:

  • Open QMK Toolbox (if using a Windows computer, right clock bottom of QMK window and select "install drivers" before proceeding)
  • Unplug the keyboard.
  • Press and hold the ESC key.
  • Plug the keyboard while holding the ESC key.
  • QMK toolbox should say in yellow that STM32 bootloader is detected.
  • At this point release the ESC key.
  • Press the flash button on QMK toolbox.
  • You should get a success message once complete